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Fall 2023

The group will be beginning in Fall 2023 with PI Becker's start as faculty in the University of Wisconsin - Madison Department of Astronomy.

August 2023

APS News recently highlighted the journey of the demotion of Pluto and subsequent search for Planet Nine, chronicling decades of research aimed at understanding the solar system. Work by the group is featured in the article.

March 2023

"The Influence of Tidal Heating on the Habitability of Planets Orbiting White Dwarfs" by Becker et al. has been published in ApJ Letters. In this paper, we assess how tidal heating changes the orbits that can support liquid water around white dwarfs. In some cases, tidal heating may increase the length of time that a planet remains habtiable - while in others, it may decrease it.

Academic year 2022 - 2023

As a part PI Becker's work on the DDA, she founded the Dynamics Community Seminar, a virtual space for dynamicists to have conversations about science and the non-science aspects of being a scientist. The first two seminars were held online in December 2022 and March 2023.