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Group Members

Group Principal Investigator

Dr. Juliette Becker

Professor of Astronomy

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Graduate Students

Joseph Livesey

BS 2022, University of Washington

Joseph is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He mainly studies the orbital dynamics of planetary systems. His current project focuses on the formation, evolution, and potential habitability of planets orbiting white dwarf stars.

Undergraduate Students

Thomas MacLean

Thomas MacLean

Caltech (Class of 2025)

Thomas is majoring in Mathematics with a minor in astrophysics. He is working on a project in orbital dynamics focused on understanding the origins of Hot Jupiter systems.

Group Alumni

Member 1

Tali Khain

BS 2019, University of Michigan

Tali is currently a PhD student at the University of Chicago.

Member 1

Michelle Belkovski

BS 2022, University of Michigan

In her undergraduate work, Michelle led a paper assesing the feasibility of core accretion formation pathways in the HIP 41378 system (Belkovski et al. 2022).

Member 1

Drew Weisserman

BS 2023, University of Michigan

Drew is now a master's student at McMaster University, and worked with PI Becker on characterizing the Kepler-80 system of transiting planets (Weisserman et al. 2023).

Member 1

Lucas Brefka

BS 2022, University of Michigan

Lucas graduated from UMich in 2022 (after writing Brefka & Becker 2021) with a dual bachelor's degree in astronomy/astrophysics and interdisciplinary physics and is now a second-year astronomy graduate student at Penn State.