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As of Fall 2023, I have moved to Wisconsin to join the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison! At UW-Madison, my group will focus on solving questions related to planet formation: how do planetary systems attain the architectures that we observe? How does the Protoplanetary disk influence the geometry of maturing planetary systems?

As a part of WiCOR (the Wisconsin Center for Origins Research), my group will also attack interdisciplinary questions relating to the origin and persistence of life on exoplanets.

For the past four years, I have been a 51 Pegasi b Fellow at Caltech. At Caltech, I worked with Professor Konstantin Batygin on an assortment of dynamical problems in the solar system and beyond, include how disk properties and stellar variability affect planet evolution. Previously, I was a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow and Leinweber Center for Theoretical Physics Graduate Fellow at the University of Michigan, where I obtained my PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics. My advisor was Professor Fred Adams. During my PhD research, I studied the dynamics of both exoplanetary systems and of our own solar system, and led the discovery of two new planets in the WASP-47 system and a Trans-Neptunian Object in our own solar system, 2015 BP-519.

For a longer list of my interests and contributions, my CV. To watch some of my recent talks, see this page. For a list of scientific publications that I have either led or contributed to, query the ADS database here.

J. Becker
Juliette Becker

juliette.becker at wisc.edu

Assistant Professor
Department of Astronomy
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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