My Newest Work in the Solar System

Currently, my main interest in the solar system is the expanding census of outer solar system objects, particularly those with particularly extreme orbits.

    For some of the newest results I’ve contributed to that come out of DES data, take a look at the following papers:
  1. A hunt for Earth trojans with DECam, Markwardt et al. (2020)
  2. The detection of diatomic carbon in interstellar comet Borisov, Lin et al. (2020)
  3. A census of DES’s discovered objects Bernardinelli et al. (2020),
  4. Finally, to know what the discoveries out of DES mean in a dynamical context, see Tali Khain’s paper on the classification of each of the DES KBOs: Khain, Becker, et al. (2020)